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art of criticism taking

I was reading an article about migration of code from spring to JEE 6. The biggest lesson I learned from this article was the art of handling an aggressive criticism: 

  1. Vbvsays:
    This article is pure yet subtle propaganda. You do not state it clearly but with all that ‘ee6 does it for you’ things the message is that spring is complicate and ee6 is better. You work for rh yet still act ad a spring dev lookin’ for the first time at ee6! come on be more honest! and please : cut that part about getting beans programmatically, it’s better to say that ee6 doesn’t like it without scaring people that much on such basic tasks.
    Didn’t like your way of propaganding ee6 but I like ee6 and appreciated some of your thoughts.
    1. Lincolnsays:
      You’re right. I’m out to secretly undermine Spring by sharing my own personal experiences and lessons learned from doing a migration to Java EE 6 :)Just kidding. Also, I’m confused: wasn’t the part about getting beans programmatically admitting that Spring did something better? Why do you want me to change that? I updated the post to be more clear that I do in fact work for JBoss.
    2. Lincolnsays:
      PS. Sorry for coming across sarcastically. I’m hungry, and you are right. I’ll try to do better in the future.
      1. Vbsays:
        Hey! No problem at all. I was a little aggressive too. Didn’t meant to, but I was.
        Don’t want to start a flame at all. So sorry for me beeing too severe.
        In the end EE6 and Spring are two different approaches. Sometimes I like the magics of EE6. Everything works right out of the box. No need to write the same things all over again.
        Sometimes there’s too much magic and I want a lighter system.
        But EE6 is really good and your article definitively worth reading (and posting …).

I can't picture myself responding so much friendly to that comment, but I should definitely try to :D

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